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The Jetz

Alex Kinder - Vocals;  Den Pugsley - Guitar / B. Vocals;  Tony Skeggs - Guitar / B. Vocals;

Trace Graham - Bass / B. Vocals;  Steve Bye / Andy Welsford (Wells) - Drums.

A 5-piece band from Cheshunt in Hertfordshire, The Jetz signed with Rebel Records (a subsidiary of EMI) late in 1976 and the following year, recorded two tracks at London's Majestic Studios with Dave Howman producing. One of them, CATCH ME, became the a-side of a single issued in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Scandinavia between the end of 1977 and the beginning of 1978. (The b-side, BREAKING IT DOWN utilised a demo made a year earlier). The band went on to gig extensively for the following two years (including two 5-week Danish tours at the beginning

of 1978 and 1979) during which time, original drummer Steve Bye joined THE PHYSICALS and

was subsequently replaced by Andy Welsford

(Wells) from Bristol.


The band wound down in late 1979. Three of the band, Den, Tony and Andy, would re-surface as THE PENCILS (1981-84) while Trace Graham formed DREAM CYCLE 7 with ex-Pleaser Steve McNerney.


30 years on, and with the advent of the internet, the band were surprised to learn of a new wave of interest in that original 45rpm single. Copies of Catch Me now changed hands for over £100 on ebay and collectors of punk and power-pop 45's were now perhaps discovering the band for the first time.


In May 2009, 31 years following its initial release, CATCH ME was re-released on the Sing sing record label in New York.


May 2011 saw the release of the album JETZ ANTHOLOGY 1977-79, featuring an additional 11 songs originally recorded by the band. (Queen Mum records).  A 12” vinyl album was followed by a CD release in October 2011. The album coincided with two reunion shows in Berlin, the first time the band had performed together in 32 years. The band reunited again in March 2012 when they performed at the Rock Palace in Madrid.


In September 2015 came the band's first new material in 36 years. The critically acclaimed CRACKED UP album, featuring 12 new songs, was released by Queen Mum records on vinyl and cd. The release was accompanied by a special 'launch party' performance at the Wild At Heart in Berlin where they were supported by the Not Amused.


2017 sees the band celebrate

its 40th Anniversary with two

special new releases.


The band's classic 1977 single

CATCH ME is re-released on 7"

vinyl, but this time, with its

originally intended b-side, IF THAT'S

WHAT YOU REALLY WANT (Queen Mum records). To complete the cycle, the band simultaneously release their LIVE IN BERLIN CD, which captures their entire performance at the Wild at Heart club in 2015 (which remains to date, their most recent live performance).



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