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* John Borack, Goldmine Magazine 2016


* Moloko-Plus - May 12th, 2011

..."Thanks to the Queen Mum Record label we

are now in the enjoyment of 12 officially

licensed songs from this outstanding quintet.  

I can only give my highest recommendation

for purchase"...



* Moloko-Plus - May 17th, 2011

 ..."The sound through and through, crisp, energetic

and melodic, is absolutely great, which is also true

for the live tracks. A sound as British as the Queen.

For Powerpop supporters completely essential,

but also '77 - '79 punk rock maniacs and Modsound

friends should strike without restraint!"...



Detour Records

New release on the German ‘Queen Mum’ label

that gathers up all the known original recordings

of this obscure UK band from Cheshunt who released

the ultra rare single ‘Catch Me’ in October 1977.

This LP features 12 awesome tracks that will leave

you wanting more!!!

* Pankerknacker  May 16th, 2011

... "It sounds as if it was recorded just yesterday

in a studio of modern times. Every damn song

on this record is reason enough for every record collector during the next few months to

sacrifice sex and his existence to dedicate

himself to this record"...

(Dirk Vibrator Buzz)



* Alta Tension - Music For Now People -

June 16th, 2011

... "The Jetz Anthology produces a marvel of

melody, great chorus, guitars and organ that

lend itself to that powerpop/new wave era,

in short, an unforgettable song called

"Time of Your Life"...



Filip De Wilde - -

17 March 2015.

Hard to believe just how good this cd is...

powerpop, pop-punk call it what you want.

High energy, super songs and harmonies sweeter than the sweetest candy. Ahead of their time and sadly overlooked. This is pure gold my friends,

PURE GOLD!!!!!!!!!    5 out of 5 stars

“Kinda got started, but we never got it done,”

sings The Jetz’s Alex Kinder on the leadoff track

on Cracked Up, the stirring, power poppin’ title cut. That could have been the official slogan of the

band, who released a lone single in 1977 and didn’t resurface until a compilation of vintage demos was released in 2011. But The Jetz have finally “gotten it done,” releasing their first proper album (and first new material) after 36 years – and it’s a doozy.

Each of the dozen tunes here is an exhilaratingly perfect example of what power pop should be. Seriously – run, don’t walk and get yourself a

copy of this. In case you’ve become a bit jaded,

Cracked Up is enough to make you believe in the power of rock and roll again.

Grade: A+

"Let me get one thing straight right at the beginning: This record is not only a phenomenal comeback of a band from the golden days of Powerpop, it's also an epic, absolutely unique record. Grab this record and bathe in the timeless, yet original sounds"


jetz - album 2011


* Dirk Le Buzz, Vibrator Buzz Blog 2016

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Low Down Kids -  June 9th, 2006

“So here's the Jetz record. Somehow this nigh-on perfect slice of rampant punky-powerpop, managed to be released not in the UK, but in Belgium, Holland, Germany and Swednormark (each edition uses the same picture, but the sleeves are different).

LDK sleuthed the band a couple of years ago after a first heart-attack-inducing chance encounter with the single in a Dutch record shop (note to self: never allow record shop owners to play mystery good-looking singles in the shop before you've actually handed over the money if you want to avoid a 'withdrawn-from-sale' fisticuff) and since then it's become a must-have from Torquay to Tokyo. But keep your eyes open and it's still possible to find a not-clued-up Belgian/Dutch/German/Scando record dealer”

Tom Borderland - Miloko Plus -

Sept 2015

“The 12 sophisticated songs are full of

inventiveness, variety, ingenious melodies

and hooks…already a candidate for

record of the year.”



Contra Records

"This band is supercool! We got their new album

in stock, their first new songs in 36 years.

A pleasure for everyone who has ears!"



Soundflat Mailorder

“One of my fave new records is the JETZ LP!

What a Power Pop monster that is! Played it 3

times in a row when it arrived, which is a lot

these days!! All songs are hits, get it!!

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Killed By Death Records -

April 3rd, 2009

“The Jetz is unbelievable great.

God like if you want. Catch Me is the song that if you

were young when this was released it would’ve been

on repeat only beaten by Did You No Wrong by

the Sex Pistols that year”.



Maloko-Plus May 12th, 2011

“The Jetz single, "Catch Me" is one of the

great forgotten songs of the 70's”

(Tom Borderland)



jetz - cracked up - sept 7th 2015


jetz - sing004fullsize
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